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THE ELIMINATION OF FEAR - a Blueprint for Honoring Our Humanity... Part 1 - Fear at the Roots

What are your greatest fears?
Are you tired of being manipulated by them?
And, most importantly, do you believe that you can master this perennial foe and rid yourself of its influence forever? If so, your time is now!

Despite a common tendency to quell the urge to rise above our perceived limitations, you and I were born to soar. Yes, it's reasonable to conclude that our sense of normalcy and ability to fuel our dreams and aspirations have been influenced by the events of 911, the current economic climate and other shifts that have occurred. Yet, the reality is that allowing our fears to set the boundaries for our lives is a long-standing inclination. It is characteristic of a default way of being that is embedded at the root of all human dilemma. It is a tendency that clips the wings of our hope and renders us grounded and unduly regulated by our fears.

Fear at the Roots
4 CD Audio Book includes:
15 Chapters
Chapter Reviews, Affirmations,
9 "Clear Fear" Principles

There's no denying that, despite random bursts of bravado, the way we generally process challenging events in our lives is as though some unmitigated force is determined to undermine our happiness. Yet, if we dare choose to look deeply - beneath the carnage that often ensues - and feel authentically - beyond the shock that often paralyses us - we will discover that the most daunting challenges of our lives offer opportunities that are, most often, obscured by our habitual programming.

The Time for Change!

As a collective humanity, we are living in an auspicious time. Our fears have ushered us to a clear point of choice. Our options are to perpetuate an inclination to cower to the "fear of the day" or to reclaim our power to live authentically by renouncing our allegiance to fear-based growth stimuli.

In this 4 CD (approx. 285 minute) audio series, subtitled "Fear at the Roots," Raja makes a large installment on his commitment and calling to assist in healing the hearts and souls of humanity. Sharing his experience, insight and inspiration, he speaks truth to many of the falsehoods that have historically held us captive to fear. The truth he shares, combined with the energy of his presentation, prompts us to see beyond a narrow world view and limited self-perception that provide a perennial safe-haven for our fears.  This is Part 1 of a 3 part series.

This 4 CD or 4 Cassette Package includes:
15 Chapters with Review Points,
9 "Fear Elimination Principles,
and 12 Affirmations

  • Disc 1,  
    • Introduction

    • Chapter 1: A Life of Purpose

    • Chapter 2: Debunking the Value of Fear

    • Chapter 3: The Prehistoric Nature of Fear

    • Chapter 4: What is it that We Fear?

    • Chapter 5: Our Lives as Energy - The Cosmic Law of Attraction.

    • Chapter 6: The Nature and Significance of Codes

  • Disc 2,
    • Chapter 7: Fear - Operating System or Virus?

    • Chapter 8: Releasing World Consciousness - The 3 Dimensional Operating System

    • Chapter 9: Those Things God Told Us That We Somehow Forgot

    • Chapter 10: A Life Without Instructions

    • Chapter 11: Fear-based Job Training - A Bankrupt Model

  • Disc 3,

    • Chapter 12: The Religious Code

    • Chapter 13: Fear as the Law of the Land

    • Chapter 14: Abdicating our Humanity
      through fearing others and failing to Love Ourselves

    • Chapter 15: The Revolution is Personal - It's Time for a Change!

  • Disc 4,

    • Introduction to the "CLEAR FEAR" Principles
      (Each principle connects with an energy center
      or Chakra within the ethereal body)

    • Principle #1 - Connect

    • Principle #2 - Leverage

    • Principle #3 - Envision

    • Principle #4 - Accept

    • Principle #5 - Retool

    • Principle #6 - Flow

    • Principle #7 - Elevate

    • Principle #8 - Allow

    • Principle #9 - Refuse & Refrain

    • Twelve Affirmations to reinforce the
      "Fear Elimination Principles."

Make the empowering choice! 

Whether by corporate con-men, internet hackers and virus spreaders, or terrorists and lovers of war, our life energies and material resources are being pillaged, daily, by those who are expert at triggering our fears. 

Make the choice to disarm these triggers
and claim your right to live a life unfettered by fear!