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THE TAO OF DISHWASHING . . . Tasking a Master Soul
When it comes to listing tasks we consider menial and preferably left to others or to automation, dishwashing ranks at or near the top. Quite often, we consider ourselves too busy to invest the energy to ensure that our service-ware is impeccable. At other times, we simply consider ourselves "above" this and similar levels of endeavor. Even during those times when we submit and commit our hands to the water, rather than honoring the task with our full, upfront, all out attention, we've become content to whisk through the process and, if need be, employ a thumbnail to remove any residual leftovers, prior to reuse. Absent awareness of how each thing we do lends to building our souls, it has become customary to defer to other persons or devices, and to accept whatever results come about.

A similar way of being is reflected in the way we approach our spirituality. When I speak of spirituality, I am speaking of each of our need to connect with our soul's highest intent for our lives. While often voiced as a search for our "life purpose," our level of spirituality, or that which leads to the unfolding of our purpose, is evidenced in our demonstration of the willingness to do all things as though we are doing them for God.

The Tao of Dishwashing - Tasking a Master Soul is divinely inspired for the times we face. It is clear that - in both our inner and outer worlds - we are experiencing a dismantling and reordering of the status quo. This universal wave of change is challenging each of us to return to our center to revisit the premises upon which we've built our lives. The shifts instituting the change are affording us an opportunity to slow down and re-invest our minds, hearts and souls with principles that, in a sense, are age-old, yet I call them "New Paradigm Thinking." I call them new paradigm thinking because they will prove faultless and invaluable in our efforts to actualize our inherent power and responsibility for shifting the collective consciousness paradigm.

While considering your Soul the ultimate dish or vessel from which you offer your gift of service to humanity, the Tao of Dishwashing equates each step of the hand dishwashing process with a principle that is certain to aid your pursuit of life-purpose and authentic self-expression. Each chapter includes a summary, affirmation and A Task (to be completed in the workbook) as an aid to unfold the energy of life-fulfillment that is invested in each of us.